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Pétros Márkaris

Pétros Márkaris (1937-) is a Greek writer, well-known for this crime novels set in the context of the financial crisis that hit his country during the last decade. His series of novels featuring Inspector Kostas Charitos, first appeared in 1995, have been widely translated and adapted for television.

Number of translated editions / country (May 2019)

The data visualised in this page refer to the transnational circulation of his literary works, detailing the number of translations of his novels and comparing them to those of other contemporary French and European crime writers.
The data in this map have been collected from the online catalogues of European national libraries using Zotero.

Four famous french noir novelists : number of european translated editions / country

Nine famous french crime fiction authors : number of european translated editions / year

Number of notices in European Library
(except original language)

Number of european languages for european translated editions inventoried by European Library

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