DETECt will promote, and extensively benefit from, the collaboration between academic and non-academic organisations. The Stakeholder Committee will coordinate the project’s activities involving non-academic partners, actively seeking to enlarge DETECt’s network of professionals, companies and public institutions.

In addition to four academic institutions (University of Aalborg, Link Campus University, University of Limoges, German Film and Television Academy Berlin), the Committee is composed by the industrial partners of the consortium: TV2, Miso Film, Visit Aaarhus, and the Bibliothèque des Littératures policières.

The activities of the Stakeholder Committee will focus on the involvement of professionals working in the literary, film and television sectors in the activities promoted by DETECt, as well as the dissemination of all the relevant project activities to the Stakeholder Network, a large group of organisations and individuals involved in the creative industries.