Additional outputs




Additional outputs


All the deliverables produced by DETECt will be designed having in mind the interests pursued by the European Commission in promoting research on European identity in different sectors of the cultural sphere.

Two policy briefs will be produced to summarise the research outcomes into a series of recommendations addressed to policy makers. Three research reports synthetizing the outcomes of the investigation conducted about the significance of cultural mobility for the generation of European identity in the production, circulation, consumption and representation of European crime narratives. In addition to these reports, a number of the planned deliverables has been specifically conceived to be beneficial to EC officers in view of the evaluation of research projects in the area of transcultural European studies, as well as the design of new calls for projects to be included in future Framework Programmes.

Discover and read the public deliverables:


WP1 - Project Management. Task leader: UNIBO

D1 Minutes of: Kick-off meeting, project meetings (Confidential)

WP2 - Setting the frame. Task Leader: KU Leuven

D2.1 Sorting out the archive of contemporary European identity (Confidential)

D2.2 An ontological approach to the study of European popular culture (Dowlonad)

D2.3 Creating a transnational learning community (including policy brief annex) (Confidential)

WP3 - Building the infrastructure. Task Leader: UNIBO

D3.1 Human-machine analysis as a tool to study European transcultural identity (Confidential)

D3.2 A MOOC to learn European transcultural identity through European popular culture (Download)

D3.3 Toward a collaborative atlas of European transcultural identity (Public)

WP4 - Creative Industries. Task Leader: AAU

D4.1  Location marketing and cultural tourism. Crime narratives as destination branding (Download)

D4.2 Researching European transcultural identity I: Production and location strategies (Confidential)

D4.3 Cultural mobility through narrative media production in the European cultural space (Download)

WP5 - Creative audiences. Task Leader: QUB

D5.1 European creative audiences (Confidential)

D5.2 Researching European transcultural identity II: Distribution and promotion strategies  (Confidential)

D5.3 Using Wikipedia editing to innovate the study of European transcultural identity (Public)

WP6 - Transcultural representations. Task Leader: UNILIM

D6.1 Serial narratives and the unfinished business of European identity (Confidential)

D6.2 Researching European transcultural identity III: Representation (Confidential)

D6.3 Cultural diversity and transcultural hybridization as drivers for the creation of innovative transnational media formats (including policy brief annex) (Public)

WP7 - Dissemination and communication. Task Leader: LCU

D7.1 DETECt visual identity protocol (Download)

D7.2 Dissemination plan (Download)

D7.3 Data management plan (Confidential)

D7.4 Report on the use of social media social media to communicate European transcultural identity (Confidential)

D7.5 Final press and media review (Public)